Biosecurity - Arrival by Sea

Biosecurity is concerned with preventing new pests, diseases or invasive species from entering the Falkland Islands. See our guide to travelling within the Islands for advice on preventing the spread of contaminates.

Some food groups present a high biosecurity risk and for this reason a 'Food Ashore Policy' is in place as seen below:

The following conditions apply to all food brought ashore:

  1. All food scraps, packaging and rubbish must be returned to the vessel.
  2. No food is to be left ashore.
  3. No food is to be fed to wildlife and all reasonable care should be taken to prevent wildlife from accessing food.
  4. Cruise ship passengers should be briefed on these conditions before going ashore.
  5. Cruise ship crew are to supervise passengers whilst ashore to ensure these conditons are adhered to in all areas outside of Stanley.

Examples of biosecurity risks from food:

  • Eggs could contain diseases that would be catastrophic to our own unique bird life.
  • Meat could contain diseases such as foot and mouth disease which would devastate our agricultural industry overnight.
  • Fruit & vegetables may contain pests or diseases which could adversely affect our own crops or native flora and fauna.
Sea Arrivals information

Disposal of International Catering Waste (ICW) - applicable to all sea vessels

International catering waste (ICW) is considered to be food, galley waste and associated packaging sourced from outside of the Falkland Islands EEZ. ICW carries a risk of introducing pests and diseases and must be disposed of by either incineration or through deep burial. Food waste may be disposed at sea according to MARPOL regulations, but packaging needs to be incinerated onboard or disposed ashore.

  • Vessels at FIPASS: ICW must be sealed in plastic bags and placed in the designated yellow ICW / Galley Waste bin.
  • Yachts at other moorings: ICW must be sealed in the yellow biohazard bags issued to you by Customs upon entry to the Falklands. Customs will collect the bags for safe disposal when clearing your vessel for departure. Alternatively ICW can be disposed of at the Department of Agriculture, in the yellow bin situated in the corner of the car park.

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