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Civil Partnerships

Since the 29th April 2017 the Falkland Islands has recognised marriage and civil partnership for same sex couples.  The law was passed with overwhelming political and public support and the unions of same sex couples are now afforded the same status in law as unions between different sex couples.  

The Falkland Islands recognises that all couples should have equal rights.  For this reason both marriage and civil partnership are available to all couples, whether same sex or different sex allowing couples to be able to express their love and commitment in the manner that they choose. 


Certified copy of Civil Partnership Certificate 


Further copies (per copy)


Search of Civil Partnership Register (proportion of hourly rate to be paid for every hour).


Notice of Civil Partnership 


Grant of Registrar General’s Licence


Registration of a civil partnership by a Registrar


Any absence exceeding one hour by a Registrar from the Registrar’s usual address for either of the purposes mentioned in 3 above


On application for a Special Licence 


Please use the following details to make your payment:

F I Government - 002003344000 - Reference: Registry 04520131

The Falkland Islands Government are now able to facilitate overseas payments being made into their account held with Lloyds Bank, City Office Branch.

Please ensure to use the reference Registry 04520131, so payments can be allocated correctly.

Please use the following details to make your payment:

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GB39 LOYD 3080 1215 7523 68

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