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Marine Managed Areas - Consultation Report

From March to May 2022, a consultation was run on the Marine Managed Areas (MMAs) of the Falkland Islands. This consultation asked the public and key stakeholders to examine the proposals for MMAs in the Falkland Islands, and to provide their responses and comments via the consultation document. The results of this public consultation and the summary of responses received are presented in this report. These results represent the collective responses of respondents. The different suggestions (including the fine detail of comments) of stakeholders and the public are being used to inform the development of MMA policy.

Next, the FIG will develop detailed MMA policy. This means working through the specific elements of administering the identified areas, such as developing a management framework. Detailed policy helps support legislative development and future site selection, which will be necessary to establish sites as MMAs.

You can download the consultation findings report here:

MMA Consultation Report
Created: 2022-12-13 | Size: 3.43 MB

The technical report associated with the original consultation is available below:

Insights Into the Science and Economics of MMAs SAERI
Created: 2022-12-13 | Size: 11.52 MB

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