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 Welcome to the Directorate of Policy, Economy & Corporate Services


 The Directorate of Policy, Economy & Corporate Services has a broad remit to provide economic and policy advice to Elected Members, the Central Management Team (CMT) and FIG Departments. The Directorate assists in the development of specific economic and social programmes, working across Government and the community  to support the attainment of the goals of the Islands Plan.

The Policy Department is responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the Government's economic policies and monitoring the effectiveness of public spending in achieving the Government's economic goals;
  • Improving the Government's capacity to address strategic, cross-cutting issues;
  • Enhancing the evidence base for economic policy making by undertaking (or commissioning) economic research and providing economic briefings;
  • Oversight and monitoring of the Economic Development Strategy (EDS)
  • Development, monitoring and review of Performance Management across all FIG departments;
  • Preparation of National Accounts and other key statistical data (including a 5-yearly census of population);
  • Developing and supporting policies and procedures which focus on managing and preserving the Falkland's environment.