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Be Water Wise

Using water efficiently has many benefits, not only to ourselves but also to the wider community and environment. Simple behavioural changes such as taking showers instead of baths, turning taps off whilst cleaning our teeth, and using watering cans instead of hosepipes can significantly reduce the amount of water we use on a daily basis. This would also save energy, both in our home as well as at the water treatment plant which is great for both saving money as well as for the environment.

Reducing our water demand means that we are able to reduce the pressure on our reservoirs and surrounding habitats particularly during times of water stress and reduced rainfall.

Our water supply in Stanley is collected from the Murrell and Moody Brook reservoirs, which once treated supplies not only our homes, but also key services (e.g. the hospital, FIMCO etc) and businesses.

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 Water is a finite resource – our water in the Falkland Islands comes from water collected by rainfall.

Stanley Annual Rainfall*

30 year average (1992-2021) 645 mm
5 year average (2017-2021) 562 mm
2020 319 mm
2021 332 mm
2022 408 mm


*the values used to calculate the averages and total rainfalls are from the Stanley Water filtration plant


Water Saving Posters
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