Directorate of Policy, Economy & Corporate Services



Falkland Islands fishery conservation zones have been in place for 25 years. Effective fishery management has ensured the stability of resources for the local fishing industry and the fishery has been the mainstay of the economy over the last quarter of a century. The Falklands has been at the forefront of reducing the impact of fisheries on seabirds to protect valuable wildlife resources. In a recent independent study, the Falkland Islands was one of only two fisheries which scored in the top quarter of scales measuring scientific robustness, policy transparency and implementation capability in terms of fisheries management.

Utilising funding allocated to the Economic Development Strategy, a programme of scientific and commercial research into the potential for the sustainable commercial development of Falkland Islands inshore marine resources has now been approved. Work began in 2013 with the aim of establishing whether such resources have the potential to be developed into new economic activities that will assist in securing the aim of diversifying the Islands' economy.