Occurrence Reporting

Under the AN(OT)O and OTAR Part 13, certain occurrences must be reported to the Governor. In this case 'Governor' means the Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department.

Occurrences to be reported include:

  • Any incident, malfunction or defect relating to an aircraft of any part of that aircraft's equipment which, if not corrected, would endanger the aircraft and/or the pilot, crew and passengers.
  • Any defect or malfunction of any facility on the ground whose intended use is for the purpose of, or in connection with, the operation of an aircraft which, if not corrected, would endanger the aircraft and/or the pilot, crew and passengers.
  • Bird-strike which occurs during any phase of flight, including landing and take-off.
  • Any accident involving dangerous goods or the finding of undeclared or misdeclared dangerous goods in cargo or passenger baggage.

Any person involved in the operational aviation industry within the Falkland Islands, or in relation to aircraft registered in the Falkland Islands, may submit a Mandatory Occurrence Report. If you are unsure whether an occurrence is reportable, report it anyway. All Occurrence Reports are treated confidentially by the Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department.

Reports may be submitted to both:

The Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Air Safety Support International - www.airsafety.aero/reporting


The link above to Air Safety Support International allows for submission of reports through an online report form.

Currently this same facility is not available via this webpage. Work is ongoing to provide an electronic form but in the meantime there is a template form available as part of OTAC 13-1 (Available from the Air Safety Support International website www.airsafety.aero/Requirements-and-Policy/OTACs.aspx)

For occurrences involving or relating to Dangerous Goods please use the form below: