• Newest Islander aircraft for FIGAS

    Newest Islander aircraft arrives

    The newest addition to the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) fleet is registered VP-FMC, after the Governor, Sir Miles Clifford who was instrumental in creating the air service in the Falklands. It is pictured here landing at Stanley Airport.

  • Islander aircraft at Stanley Airport

    Fisheries Patrol Islander aircraft refuelling on the apron at Stanley Airport.

  • Farmer Fire Training

    Fire and rescue training

    Stanley Airport RFFS personnel provide fire and rescue training to the operators of the unlicenced grass and gravel strips that are spread around the Falkland Islands.

  • Saunders Islands Beaver

    Beaver Aircraft

    de Havilland Beaver aircraft were operated by FIGAS between 1968 and 1982 - One is seen here in the harbour at Saunders Island - date unknown.

  • Fox Bay Airstrip

    Fox Bay Airstrip

    Unlicensed airstrip - Gravel surface.

  • Weddell Airstrip

    Weddell Island Airstrip

    This is one of the unlicensed strips that FIGAS aircraft use - grass surface.

  • Beaver Black & White

    de Havilland Beaver - possibly San Carlos - date unknown - Photo: Ian Barnes Collection

  • Apron

    Apron at Stanley Airport

    Two FIGAS Islander aircraft, local helicopter company Robinson 44 - VP-FHS and refuelling bowser on the apron at Stanley Airport.

  • Beach

    Islander aircraft on beach

    Two FIGAS Islander aircraft using the beach at Pebble Island as an airstrip. Currently Pebble Island is the only place that does this, but in the past the aircraft have used other beaches as landing strips.

  • BAS Dash 7 Aircraft

    BAS Dash 7 Aircraft

    All British Antarctic Survey aircraft are registered in the Falkland Islands. Here a Dash 7 aircraft can be seen landing in Antarctica.

  • Aerocardal

    Aerocardal Patient Transfer

    Aerocardal Ltda are one of a few companies that are used regularly by the Falkland Islands Government for medical evacuations.  This image shows a patient transfer elsewhere in the world.

  • FHS Alt view

    FHS Robinson 44 helicopter

    Falklands Helicopter Services are a private company registered in the Falklands, and offer tours using their Robinson 44.  This shows an alternative view of the helicopter.

  • Foggy Day

    Poor visibility

    Aircraft queued up at Stanley Airport waiting for visibility to improve.

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