Our Enforcement Policy

Legislative enforcement provisions have, in some cases, been concerned with imposing penalties for violations by service providers. In an SMS environment, it is intended that enforcement policies and procedures, of both the individual service provider and regulator, take account of the actual conditions and circumstances surrounding an act of non-conformance. The intent is to ensure that a distinction is made between an unintentional error or mistake and a deliberate or gross violation.

Service providers are expected to have an acceptable process in place to manage their own routine safety and quality non-conformances. Regulatory intervention can be expected under certain conditions and circumstances in which the designated regulator will actively investigate a particular violation or non-conformance.

The Civil Aviation Department applies ASSI’s enforcement policy (policy No 47) which can be found on their Policies page. because it adheres to the concepts explained above and is aimed at promoting compliance with aviation safety regulations and requirements through enforcement functions in an equitable manner designed to support the implementation of SMS.