Maritime Authority

Ports & Harbours


The Harbour Master is appointed by the Governor of the Falkland Islands under Falkland Islands statute law. The Harbour Master has the responsibility to safely manage the day-to-day operation of shipping and maritime activities within the approaches and harbours of the Falkland Islands including:

  • Faciliating the safe use of the harbour having regard to the efficiency, economy and safety of the services provided
  • Assessing and managing navigational risk
  • Providing navigational information
  • Managing vessel navigation and the time and manner of vessel movements
  • The provision and maintenance of aids to navigation
  • Ensuring navigational access to the port and conserving the harbour so that is is fit for use
  • Protecting the harbour marine environment
  • Monitoring vessel traffic
  • Regulating the movement of dangerous cargoes
  • Managing port security
  • Emergency response planning and training

These harbours are designated as Stanley Harbour, Port William, Berkeley Sound and Fox Bay.