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FIMA team back at full strength

Today we welcome our fifth and final member of Staff to the FIMA Team, Frank Essen. Frank joins us from the UK brining the team back to its full strength. This is perfect timing as we welcome our Illex jigger fleet to our waters for the 2024 Illex season, and our Falklands trawlers for the start of their fishing season. Frank will be hitting the ground running as we are already in our busy season with our cruise ship passengers.

Welcome onboard Frank.

20240119 105646

L to R

Steuart Barlow – Harbour Master, Frank Hart – Assistant Harbour Master, Nomali Port – Deputy Harbour Master, Chris Moorey - Head of Maritime Authority, Frank Essen – Assistant Harbour Master

November is Sea Safety Month

The theme for this year's Sea Safety campaign is on how to prepare for a walk close to open water areas and open water swimming. Our pocket guide provides tips on Sea Safety. These are free to all and can be obtained from our office or at the Chandlery Supermarket.

FIMA is able to provide you with meteorological information such as expected winds, temperature and tides to prepare you for a safe and hopefully enjoyable time at the beach. We can also provide guidance on how to use the What3Words app and what dangers you have to look out for whilst enjoying your time on the shoreline or in the water.

Remember to always tell someone about where you are going and when do you expect to be back and if you encounter an emergency situation call 999.

We would like to thank Chandlery Supermarket and the public at large for the continued support on raising awareness on Sea Safety.

Sea Safety 2023 Poster

World Maritime Day - MARPOL at 50

World Maritime Day – MARPOL at 50

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) has been in existence for 50 years and our commitment to the objectives of the Convention goes on. MARPOL has had a major positive impact in the protection of the marine environment through the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes.

FIMA continues its commitment in supporting the marine operational sector that is in the front line in ensuring the objectives of MARPOL are met. This FIMA does through working closely with the stakeholders with interests, directly or indirectly in the marine industry.

The safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment will always remain the main priority for us.

New Lifebuoy installations along the Stanley Waterfront.

The Falkland Islands Maritime Authority are pleased to announce that Seven new lifebuoys are currently being installed along the Stanley waterfront to provide life saving capability along the waterfront pathway.

The new lifebuoy installations are in the following locations:

Close to the Sun sculpture
Waterfront walkway in front of Government house
The old government jetty by the museum
East side of the shack near Victory Green
West side of the Capstan gift shop near Victory Green
The sea front across the road from the waterfront restaurant
West side of B Slip

25 June 2023 Day of the Seafarer

Once a year we all get to show our appreciation for the men and women at sea who make our world work. We thank our seafarers for all their efforts and contributions in the shipping industry as up to 90% of global trade is done by sea. Seafarers face many challenges in their work environment yet they still show resilience and dedication to the work they do. From all of us at FIMA, we extend a big THANK YOU to all SEAFARERS!


Good bye and good luck to Captain Jo Cox


The Falkland Islands Maritime Authority says good bye this week to their Harbour Master Captain Jo Cox. 

Jo has been with the Maritime Authority since June 2021, during which time she has impacted the lives of many seafarers by driving up safety standards in the Falkland Islands. 

Jo and her team have faced many challenges along the way which have been overcome by the true professionalism and leadership that Jo has shown during her tenure.  Jo has spent many years working in and around Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic waters and gaining valuable experience in the process.  It is safe to say that the hard work put in by Jo, especially with the Jigger fleet, has made the vessels a much safer place to work with improved welfare standards.

From all of us at the Maritime Authority a huge thank you for all the exceptional work you have done, and we wish you all the best for the future as the Chichester Harbour Master.

Steuart Barlow will now step up from Deputy Harbour Master to Harbour Master and will endeavour to carry out the good work achieved by Jo.

Changing of the Guard

Yesterday marked the end of an era when we said good bye and farewell to the Falkland Islands Fishery Protection Vessel Protegat.’ who has spent the past 15 years protecting the waters around the Falkland Islands from Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) vessels and assisting the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department in managing their Fisheries.

The Protegat started her patrolling duties with the Falkland Islands Government in 2008 taking over from Fishery Protection Vessel Dorada. She has been home to many crews over her 15 years of service with many Masters at the helm during that time, but one Master that deserves a special mention is Captain Charles Ferguson who has commanded the Protegat since 2008. Fare well and safe passage to Charlie and his crew.

The baton has now been passed over to the new Falkland Islands Protection vessel Lilibet, who will endeavour to provide a sterling service to the Government of the Falkland Islands under the command of Captain Jari Lindgren.

Rescue of British Golden Globe Race Yachtsman in the South Atlantic

We are delighted to have been a very small part in the safe rescue of the British Golden Globe yachtsman IAN HERBERT JONES. Ian was picked up from his vessel this afternoon by the Taiwanese squid jigger ZI DA WANG, who was on her way back to Taiwan from the Falkland Islands. Ian is safe and well and on the last report was tucking into some dinner with the crew. 

IMO Proxy audit and Cat 2 monitoring visit 

It was with great pleasure that the Falkland Islands Maritime Authority hosted Richard Pellew, Kelly Burnett and Timothy Sulivan who visited the Falklands between 25th March to 1st April where they carry out an IMO proxy Audit as well as a REG Category 2 monitoring visit which we will experience again in another two years.

The Maritime Authority were audited under the III code which Include Flag state, Port state and Coastal State obligations. These obligations cover a whole raft of requirements from keeping the waters around the Falklands and its harbours safe including vessels and their crew under the Falklands flag. Checking Falklands maritime legislation and the procedures used by the Maritime Authority. The auditors met with HE the Governor, the Chief Executive for the Falkland Islands Government and other members of government. The audit lasted for five days and in which time we reinforced our links with the MCA and the Red ensign family (The Red Ensign Group).


Jiggers arrive in the Falklands for the 2023 ILEX season

The Far Eastern squid jiggers have started to arrive into Stanley Harbour in preparation for the 2023 Illex season. The third week in January saw the FIMAs first inspection of the season.
The vessel was over 30 years old, yet a great example of the hard work the operators and crews have invested in bringing their vessels up to standard. 


November is Sea Safety Month

 November is the Falklands’ first ever Sea Safety Month. Over the course of the month, the Maritime Authority will be working with schools and the wider community to spread the sea safety message. The RNLI have agreed to support the authority with access to their educational resources. Loads of useful links are available on the Maritime Authority website. 

With the summer approaching, more of the community are taking to the water on paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis, surf boards and other forms of craft. The campaign aims to provide users of all types of watercraft with the information and resources they need to be able to undertake their activities as safely as possible.

The Chandlery are supporting the campaign and will be offering 10% off all lifejackets throughout the month of November. There will also be a display in their porch with a range of safety leaflets covering all forms of water sports.

If your organisation or group would like any further information, or want to get involved in spreading the sea safety message, please contact the Maritime Authority on 27233, or call into the Old Design Office.


New Head Of Maritime

The Maritime Authority has great pleasure in welcoming Chris Moorey OBE, as our new Head of Maritime.  

Chris Moorey joined the Royal Navy in 1981 and spent the next couple of decades serving in a variety of Fishery Protection Vessels, Frigates and Destroyers – being lucky enough to see much of the globe whilst doing so.

After assignments in the Ministry of Defence and the Maritime Warfare School, in 2006 he joined HQ British Forces South Atlantic Islands as the Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence and Current Operations. This professionally rewarding period also allowed the family to enjoy life in the Falklands and to visit other South Atlantic islands and South America.

Returning to the UK in 2008, he worked in Navy Command Headquarters before escaping to the Indian Ocean to take up the roles of British Representative and Commander British Forces in the British Indian Ocean Territory, between early 2010 and early 2011.

Further overseas tours then followed, first as the Defence Attaché at the British Embassy in Manama, Bahrain, between 2011 and 2014, followed by a further 3-year assignment as the head of the Current Operations Maritime Section within “Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO”, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Highlights of this assignment included periods embarked in US, French and Royal Danish Navy flagships in the Baltic and North Atlantic.

His final assignment in the Royal Navy before leaving the service in late 2021 was as the Naval and Air Attaché, Ankara, Turkey. He was appointed OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021.

Chris's arrival to the Maritime Authority brings our team to its full strength and we very much look forward to working with him.

Welcome onboard Chris.





Merchant Navy Day

Today, Saturday 3 September, is Merchant Navy Day, which is celebrated throughout the Overseas territories and the United Kingdom. Following World War One, King George V wanted to recognise the role and sacrifice made by the often forgotten Merchant Navy community. The day and title of Merchant Navy was bestowed to British merchant seafarers.

Modern-day merchant seafarers are responsible for the UK’s imports, including food and other daily products and goods. On this day, the Red Ensign is flown across the Overseas Territories and the UK to honour the brave men and women of the Merchant Navy.

The Red Ensign flag alongside the Falklands Islands flag will be flown on Victory Green, show our continued support for the hardworking men and women at sea. The Governor of the Falkland Islands, Alison Blake, and the Chief Executive, Andy Keeling, joined the Deputy Harbour Master, Steuart Barlow, in hoisting the flags.


The Maritime Authorities newest team member

I am delighted to announce our newest addition to the Team, Nomali (Mally) Port as our new Maritime Officer.

Mally arrived in the Islands last Saturday on the long awaited LATAM flight, the first flight from Chile in over two years due to the COVID pandemic. Mally is an experienced officer and qualified up to Chief Mate. For the past three years she has been working with the South African Maritime Safety Authority as a ship surveyor conducting Port and Flag state inspections on behalf of the South African authorities.

Mally is accompanied by her husband Heinze who is also a Chief Officer. On behalf of the Government and the Maritime Authority I would like to welcome them both to these beautiful Islands and hope they have a wonderful and memorable time here in the Falkland Islands.

Service of Remembrance for the MV Atlantic Conveyor and HMS Conventry

Today marks 40 years since the MV Atlantic Conveyor and HMS Coventry were lost during the Falklands conflict.  The Maritime Authority joined members of her Majesty’s service, RBL and representatives from across the community in grateful remembrance for those who gave their lives for the liberation of the Falkland Islands.



Falkland Islands Voluntary Ship Reporting System for West Falklands (FIREP)

The Falkland Islands Maritime Authority will be introducing a Voluntary Ship Reporting System (FIREP) from 1st June 2022. 

As part of the Maritime Authorities obligations for the safety of vessels operating in its waters and following an assessment by NASH maritime in 2021, it was recommended that ‘a reporting scheme for vessels entering FI Territorial Waters to assist authorities in tracking and understanding passenger vessel activity around Jason Islands’ be put in place as ‘at present there is little to no oversight’.

This was particularly recommended in light of the Le Boreal incident in 2015 and the repercussions.

FIREP will be a voluntary system.

  • Ships participating in the ship reporting system:

Vessels entering the area to the west of West Falkland, proceeding to and from anchorages or passing through the reporting area.

  • Vessels not required to Participate in the Voluntary system.

Pursuant to SOLAS 1974 Convention, as amended, the FIREP does not apply to warships, naval auxiliaries, other ships owned or operated by a Contracting Government and used, only on Government non-commercial service. However, such ships are encouraged to participate in the reporting system.

Any vessels licenced to fish within the FICZ are not required to participate in this system.

For further information please see Local Notice to Mariners 01/2022.  Chart and Publication corrections will be issued by UKHO shortly.


Consultation for Adoption of the UK Merchant Shipping Regulations for Small Vessels in Commercial Use

Do you own a small craft and do you ever use it for commercial purposes? If so, changes are coming!

The Falkland Island Maritime Authority are opening a public consultation for the adoption of the UK Merchant Shipping (Vessels in Commercial use for Sport or Pleasure) Regulations (SI 1998/2771).

This will bring into force codes of practice to ensure that all vessels operating in Falklands waters for commercial gain are up to satisfactory standards. The Public consultation paper will be open from 2nd May 2022 until 31st May 2022 and we invite members of the public with any questions of queries to contact the Deputy Harbour Master by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The consultation paper and a question and answer document can be found below.


SCV_Code_Regs_Consultation_2021_final.pdf                 Question_and_answer_document_SCV.pdf



Falkland Islands to lift COVID restriction from the 4th May

There will be no restrictions on vessels, and no requirements for vessel crews to test or prove a negative status. All vessels (merchant and fishing) will be required to submit an FI_Maritime_Declaration_of_Health.docx to customs prior to arrival, together with their standard Report Inwards documentation using email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Driving up vessel standards

The Maritime Authority have been working closely with local operators to undertake inspections across a full range of vessel types, nationalities and ages. The aim is to target a minimum of 5% of vessels each year. 4 jiggers, 1 trawler, 1 tanker and 1 reefer have been inspected so far this year. A total of 70 deficiencies were identified, with 3 vessels detained and 3 improvement notices issued.
The 3 vessels detained were all jiggers, with an average of 20 deficiencies per vessel. The most serious deficiencies related to fire safety, watertight integrity, and lack of crew familiarity with essential safety systems onboard the vessels. The vessels were required to remain within Port William until the deficiencies were rectified. The vessels took between 3 and 7 days to complete the rectification work, and all are now fishing within the zone.
The Authority would like to thank the vessel crews and operators for the positive way in which the inspections were received and the hard work that was undertaken to rectify the problems. We look forward to continuing the inspection program as we strive to drive up vessel standards.

Transition of Harbour Control from FishOps to Maritime

With effect from 0800hrs on 24th January, the operation of Harbour control will move from the Fisheries Department to the Maritime Authority, which is located in the Old Design Office.

There will be no changes to VHF reporting, with the call sign of Stanley Port Control and the working channel of VHF Channel 10, remaining the same. All other VHF communications are to be conducted on alternate working channels.

Maritime reports are to be made in accordance with the requirements detailed in the Admiralty list of radio signals. Vessels, agents and operators are to note that these requirements have always included the obligation to make a 24-hour pre-notification of arrival. This report is to be made by email. It is acknowledged that this is not always possible, particularly in emergencies or short notice changes to transhipments. In such cases as much notice as possible is required. If a vessel is planning to enter overnight, then notice must be provided no later than 1500, unless in an emergency.

Stanley harbour anchorage allocations will be made on receipt of the 24 hours’ notice. An email will be sent to the vessel to advise the allocated anchorage. Anchorages are allocated on a first come, first served basis, working from West to East. A maximum of 10 fishing vessels are permitted into the Harbour at any time. No vessel will be permitted into the Harbour without an allocated anchorage or confirmed berth. It remains the responsibility of the vessel Master to ensure that they are content with the advised anchorage.

Out of hours VHF communications will continue to be via SURE as per existing arrangements.

In the event of any Maritime Emergency, the on-call Duty Harbour Master can be reached at any time on +500 54648.

New Faces for a New Year

The start of 2022 brings to the Maritime Authority its Newly appointed Deputy Harbour Master, Steuart Barlow MNI and new Maritime Officer, Andrew Miller.

Harbour Master Jo Cox said "I am very pleased that I have Steuart, a highly experienced Chief Officer to support the Authority in its Mission to improve on Seafarer Safety withing our EEZ and continue with the Falkland Islands journey on Regulatory Compliance. Andrew being a Falkland Islander is already proving that local knowledge is a vital asset when it comes to better understanding how the Authority can improve on some stakeholder implementation strategies."

The Falkland Islands welcome the RRS Sir David Attenborough home to Stanley

The Falkland Islands Maritime Authority are looking forward to welcoming home the Falklands flagged British Antarctic Survey (BAS) vessel, RRS Sir David Attenborough, as she sails in to Port William flying her Falklands Ensign on Thursday 9th December 2021. 

The SDA is one of the most advanced polar vessels in the world and provides a modern and multidisciplinary research platform which will transform how ship-based science is conducted in the polar regions, providing facilities to research the oceans, seafloor, ice and atmosphere. Marine robotics and remotely operated vehicles – including Boaty McBoatface – will capture data from the deep ocean and previously inaccessible locations under the ice. The vessel's ice-strengthened hull can break through ice up to one metre thick, and her ability to spend up to 60 days at sea means she can undertake extensive voyages.

During her first mission, the vessel will transfer teams, food, cargo and fuel to British Antarctic Survey’s five research stations, and will deploy robotic instruments that drift with the Southern Ocean currents as part of an international oceanography programme Argo floats. She will also transport essential science equipment to support the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, a joint project between UK and US scientists to investigate one of the most unstable glaciers in Antarctica.

The plan is for the state-of-the-art vessel to cross the reporting line into Port William at around 0700(LT) and anchor to the north of The Narrows at 0800 (LT). She will remain at anchor until her departure the following day, so there will be plenty of photo opportunities. Unfortunately due to the threat of Covid-19 and the strict procedures the BAS team are adhering to, no visits on board will be possible this time, and all craft are being asked to maintain 20m distance minimum whilst she is at anchor.

The Maritime Authority team will be sailing out to welcome her to our waters but until then we wish her fair winds and following seas on the remainder of her journey.

Further information on the vessel can be found here 

Covid-19 Shipping Guidance

New Shipping Guidance has been released by the Falkland Islands Government to help guide visitors in the latest COVID-19 regulations. Details can be found here COVID-19 (

Merchant Navy Day

Today, Friday 3rd September, is Merchant Navy Day when we remember and honour all those Merchant Seafarers who lost their lives at sea in conflict and in peace time, and to thank those who continue to work providing us with essential supplies and supporting our island life.

The Maritime Authority is proud to fly the Red Ensign today on Victory Green, alongside the Falkland Islands flag, to show our support for the hard working men and women at sea.

The Deputy Governor of the Falkland Islands, Dave Morgan, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Falkland Islands Government, Andy Keeling, joined the Harbour Master, Captain Jo Cox, in hoisting the flags.

Photo courtesy of Government House

Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day

This Friday, 3rd September 2021 is Merchant Navy Day, a day when we recognise the sacrifices of the men and women of the Merchant Navy and when we show our gratitude for our modern Merchant Seafarers.

The Merchant Navy's official flag, the Red Ensign, will be flown on Victory Green in Stanley throughout the day alongside the Falkland Islands flag, in solidarity with our seafarers around the world. It will be hoisted by the Acting Governor Dave Morgan and the FIG Chief Executive Officer Andrew Keeling, who will be joined by the Harbour Master Jo Cox and the Maritime Authority team.

The tradition of flying the Red Ensign on civic buildings and landmark flagpoles is a result of a campaign by The Seafarer's Charity, who administer the Merchant Navy Fund raising money to support seafarers in need and their families.

The Seafarer's Charity UK  

Merchant Navy Welfare Board 

FIMA have moved!

Following on from the re-designation of the Authority to the Department of Emergency Services and Island Security (DESIS), the Falkland Islands Maritime Authority have now moved offices.

The Harbour Master and Maritime Officers can now be found in the Old Design Office on Ross Road. Any queries regarding the safety of vessels in our waters, or related to maritime operations in the harbour, or to do with FI Flagged vessels, please contact the office on 27233 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Falkland Islands Maritime Authority, DESIS
Old Design Office, Ross Road, Stanley, PO Box 684, Falkland Islands
Phone: +500 27233
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FIMA hosts MCA Level 2 Oil Spill Response training

Thia week FIMA played host to Oil Spill Response training provided by Briggs Marine using the oil spill kit available on the Falkland Islands. The idea behind the training was to build a core team of people who would be able to respond in an emergency to an incident within the Stanley harbour area. Key members of the Atlink port operations team, the FIG Environment department, SAERI, FIDF and the veterinary service took part in a comprehensive 2 days of theoretical and practical training ending with time spent deploying the equipment from FIPASS using a launch.

Maritime Safety Week 5-9 July 2021

Today marks the start of Maritime Safety Week. First launched in 2018 by the Department for Transport, it takes place every July, highlighting the excellent work of the maritime sector in keeping people safe on and around the water by sharing best practice and driving continuous improvement.

Throughout the week, UK sector bodies will be highlighting the dangers of the maritime environment, helping to reduce preventable maritime accidents and taking stock of the fantastic and innovative work that is already being delivered.

At FIMA we are working hard to improve the safety of people and vessels operating in our waters with changes to legislation and the adoption of international standards. We would love for you to share your views and safety advice with us on our social media or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

FIMA goes social

The Falkland islands Maritime Authority now have their own LinkedIn page FIMA LinkedIn where we will keep followers updated on our activities and share professional content related to the work we do. Please follow us to keep up to date with our work and to share your events and news.

We are hoping to also have a Facebook and Twitter presence later in the year so keep looking out for our developments.

IMO Day of the Seafarer 2021


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, seafarers found themselves both on the front line of the global response and subject to difficult working conditions surrounding uncertainties and difficulties around port access, re-supply, crew changeovers, repatriation, etc.

In light of this, the 2020 Day of the Seafarer campaign focused its message around urging governments to recognize seafarers as key workers and ease travel restrictions for them to facilitate crew changes.

The 2021 Day of the Seafarer campaign will continue to encourage governments to support seafarers amid the pandemic but will expand its message, calling for a fair future for seafarers.

The campaign will discuss issues that will still be relevant to seafarers after the pandemic, such as fair treatment of seafarers, fair working conditions, fair training, fair safety, etc. 

FIMA invite our colleagues to join in and use the hashtag #FairFuture4Seafarers on their social media to demonstrate how they support seafarers and what they hope for a fairer future.