The Falkland Islands Pound (ISO4217 currency code FKP) has parity with Sterling. Banknotes and coins of both currencies are used interchangeably within the Falkland Islands.

All Falkland Islands currency has been issued by Falkland Islands Government, and is fully backed by realisable securities held in Sterling.

The Currency Ordinance 1987 ( determines three Commissioners of Currency who have the right to issue currency notes and coins.

Bank notes in circulation in the Falkland Islands are:

  • 5 pounds (red)
  • 10 pounds (green)
  • 20 pounds (brown)
  • 50 pounds (blue, green and red combination)

Coins in circulation in the Falkland Islands are:

  • 1p - Penguins
  • 2p – Upland goose
  • 5p – Albatross
  • 10p – Sea lion
  • 20p – Sheep
  • 50p – Warrah (, and eleven new designs featuring different penguins.
  • £1 – Coat of Arms
  • £2 – Map of the Falkland Islands.

If you are interested in the currency of the Falkland Islands, there are some pictures here:

The Treasury in Stanley is open in the mornings on weekdays, but does not sell currency to collectors by post.

However, Falkland Collectibles will be able to assist collectors - . All items sold by Falkland Collectibles are dispatched by airmail on the next available flight that leaves the Islands. All mail goes to the United Kingdom first before onward despatch to the rest of the world, and all mail will use Falkland Islands postage stamps.

The Falkland Islands also issues postage stamps for local and international mail. The role of Post Master and the responsibility for postage rates, design and value of all stamp and philatelic products rests within the responsibilities of the Treasury of Falkland Islands Government. Philatelic sales are available through a Falkland Islands based company FPS Ltd -

If you are visiting the Falkland Islands:

  • Credit and debit cards are accepted by major retailers;
  • Sterling is accepted;
  • Standard Chartered Bank has a branch in Stanley that will provide cash services from credit or debit cards -
  • Cash back is available from at least two businesses in Stanley.