Technology Development Group

The Technology Development Group (TDG) meets on a quarterly basis and is compromised of representatives from various sectors.

The flow of information is increasingly at the core of government, business and residential activity. For business, that information flow is a key enabler in an increasingly interconnected and integrated world economy. If the Falkland Islands broadband service is to continue to enable government, business and individuals to remain connected and able to exploit the internet effectively, understanding how broadband services and technology requirements may change over time is critical.

The purpose of the Technology Development Group (TDG) is to provide input to the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) on FIG and Falkland Islands business requirements and priorities for broadband in the short, medium and long term, with a particular focus on economic and social development. This will help inform FIG for the longer-term planning decisions.



TDG Membership:     Meeting Dates: 
        Sector Presentations:  
Falkland Islands Government Representatives      11 March 2022 Chamber of Commerce | Hydrocarbons | FITB  
Chief Executive (Chair)    Andy Keeling                           13 May 2022 ---Meeting cancelled---  
Director of Development & Commercial Services    Becky Clark   15 July 2022 RBA  
Deputy Director of Development & Commercial Services    Vacant   04 November 2022 BFSAI | FIDC   
Chief Information Officer    Matt Mitchell   09 December 2022 Construction | Retail | SAERI (IMS-GMS System)  
      17 March 2023 Community | FIG   
Independent Representatives 
Communications Regulator    Vacant      
      All meetings are held from 13:30-15:30 in the Liberation Room, Secretariat.   
Sector Representatives          
BFSAI    Command Secretary   Secretary  Tessa Davies Berntsen   
Chamber Technology Lead    Gareth Goodwin        
Community    Vacant        
Construction    Ian Stewart        
FIDC    Lou Ellis        
FIFCA    James Bates        
FITB    Rachel Crowie        
Hydrocarbons    Pippa Christie        
RBA    Lewis Clifton        
SAERI    Paul Brickle        
Sure South Atlantic Ltd    Justin McPhee        
Synergy (Information Technology)    Synergy Representative        
Retail    Kapil Jiwa        



If you would like to sign up to the distribution list for public summaries of meetings please contact the Secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | phone: +500 28450.