Primary Care

There are six GPs (general practitioners) working in the Falkland Islands, five are full-time and one is part-time. Together they provide medical care from the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. GPs provide the medical, accident and emergency, obstetric, out of hours and out of hospital services, in addition to their GP clinics.

Patients who live in remote rural areas are provided with a medicine chest containing commonly used medicines. They also receive telephone consultations and also a flying doctor service from GPs using the Falkland Islands Government Air Service.

Primary care appointments take place daily during weekdays, between 9:50am and noon, and between 2:30pm and 4:30pm. This is with the exception of Wednesday, when clinics close at 3:30pm and Thursday afternoons which are allocated to team administration and meetings. You can book an appointment by calling the hospital reception on 28000.

The hospital also has a practice nurse, primary care assistant and an advanced nurse practitioner who provide primary nursing care, with clinics to support the management of long-term conditions, women’s health, general health checks and the management of minor illnesses.


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