Welcome to Social Services!

The Social Services team was set up in May 1999 when the first qualified social worker was recruited to the island. Prior to this, Social Welfare consisted of two Welfare workers based at the hospital who offered a broad ranging service, including daily support for people out of work, and general ad hoc support for individuals and families.

We have developed a generic Social Services model that is tailored to meet the needs of the people in the community.

The model caters for anyone in the Falkland Islands who is identified as in need of assistance, support and advice. The client group varies from vulnerable adults with mental health or those with physical disabilities, the elderly, children in need, child protection, children looked after and fostering and adoption.

The Social Services cater for the provision of welfare benefits which includes attendance allowance and other financial support. This is necessary as about 60 % of clients in need will fall under this category whether as a transition service while preparing for independence, looking for work, integrating back in to the society from prison or as a long term service users due to diverse needs.

Most Social Service intervention focuses on promoting social work values such as social justice, independence and equal opportunities at the same time as supporting those who do not have, and help them work towards bettering themselves.