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Welcome to the Falkland Islands Fire & Rescue Service. We are a small team of full time firefighters and volunteer retained firefighters charged with the protection of our island community. Our service ranges from domestic firefighting and camp fires to road traffic accident rescue and rescue at height. Our team is made up of four full time fire fighters, a full time mechanic and four watches of volunteer retained firefighters totalling approximately 40 highly skilled individuals. At all times one watch and a full time member of staff are on call in case of any emergency within our islands. All of our firefighters are required to pass through a basic fire fighting course before joining the ranks.For more information about us explore our website starting with the Introduction page by clicking here.

We are always looking for new individuals to bring new skills to our team. Explore our site and see what you think about becoming a retained firefighter. Don't forget to check out the recruits section by clicking here.