Falkland Islands Fisheries Department

Age and growth, and reproductive biology of butterfish (Stromateus brasiliensis)


Butterfish Stromateus brasiliensis is a subtropical species that occurs from southern Brazil to Tierra del Fuego. However, it has been caught and in greater numbers around the Falkland Islands over the last few years. Butterfish is not considered a commercially important species in Falkland Islands waters despite some fishing vessels already keep it as part of their commercial catch. An increase in abundance of this species in the Falkland Islands fishing areas may create a window of opportunity for its commercialization. In addition, the interaction of butterfish with local species and other species of commercial importance should be examined to understand the ecological implications of its presence and increasing abundance in the local marine ecosystem. Examination of butterfish life history characteristics and population dynamics beyond its common range of distribution, i.e. Falkland Islands waters, is thus necessary. For these reasons, age and growth, and reproductive biology of butterfish are being assessed, which is also crucial information for the management of this potential fishery resource.



          Jorge E. Ramos

          Alexander Arkhipkin

This project adheres to the development and sustainable management of the Falkland Islands fisheries resources.