Falkland Islands Fisheries Department

Our Key Values

In the public service we are:


We value diversity and innovation. We encourage diversity as it can lead to new ideas to help us improve the way we do things. We work together to establish a welcoming environment where everyone feels they can contribute. The Fisheries represents a diverse group of people all with varying pasts and skills, all which make us stronger going forward.


We take personal responsibility and do our best at work. We treat our colleagues and community with respect and compassion. We set ourselves realistic goals and encourage a culture of positivity.


We recognise that our geographical remoteness puts us in a unique and often challenging position. We foster collaboration and creativity in order to find solutions and make progress. We adopt a flexible and adaptable approach to work wherever possible.


We provide and explore new opportunities for our employees and the community. We strive for quality, and we use our resources as sustainably as possible to achieve this.

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