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Falkland Islands Skate Identification


In collaboration with the Shark Trust UK, the Falkland Island Fisheries Department have been developing Skate ID placards and guides. These placards along with more specific identification guides are the first steps towards the education of stakeholders on the diversity and species of elasmobranchs (sharks, skates, rays and chimeras) in the Falkland Islands.

In order to encourage the reporting of skate catches by species on commercial fishing vessels, these placards are being distributed to fishing vessels throughout the zone. Members of the Falkland Islands fisheries department are working on development of species specific skate management throughout the fishery by engaging with industry, providing training of skate identification in the future. 

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The infographic identification guides along with collaborative use of the ‘egg hunt’ mobile application through The Shark Trust will also allow reporting of sightings of differing species of skates through ‘washed ashore’ egg cases or encounters in different regions of the islands for the local community. The project aims to engage with the Falkland Island community through promoting use of the app, available on the apple or google platforms (https://www.sharktrust.org/great-eggcase-hunt).



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This project was developed alongside the guidelines given in the 2018-2020 Scientific Plan from the Falkland Fisheries Department, which recognises the pressing need for reporting of skates by species within fishery catch data, for management and sustainability. The public awareness and outreach running alongside FIFD initiatives, also aims to provide essential information on species distribution and potential skate nursery grounds, further benefitting management strategies.