The Falkland Islands supports an extensive rangeland based agriculture sector. The main product is wool and red meat (mutton and lamb) for local and export markets and beef for local consumption.

The Agricultural service strives to support the farming community to be a prosperous and self-reliant agricultural sector that creates opportunities for Falkland Islanders and is highly valued locally and internationally. The agricultural commodities are valuable due to the clean and green conditions on the Falkland Islands, grass fed, low level of disease, natural conditions and a farming community which strives for high animal welfare and environmental management.

The livestock numbers within the Falkland Islands is approximately 500,000 sheep and 4,500 cattle. The primary export is wool, with an export value of usually over £8 million per annum. Wool produced in the Falklands is of superior length and is regarded as some of the whitest and cleanest wool in the world.

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