About Us

The Falkland Islands Government Office was established in 1983 and moved to its current location in 1989. There is a staff of seven.

The aims and objectives of the Falkland Islands Government Office are:

1) To implement Falkland Islands Government policy as directed.

2) To present the views and policies of the Falkland Islands Government to the UK Government, Members of Parliament, Media and the public.

3) Provide up-to-date information about the Islands for distribution in the UK.

4) To regularly liaise with UK based groups interested in the Islands.

5) To provide an efficient civilian passage booking service for the airbridge.

6) To make arrangements for, and provide support to, medical patients from the Islands.

7) To provide a ‘secretariat’ for visiting Legislative Assembly Members and officials, and to assist with programmes of visits as required.

8) To assist with immigration process and effect the necessary screening procedures.

9) To provide assistance to Falkland Islands businesses and help promote trade with the Islands.

10) To provide a tourism information facility.