Falkland Islands Government
COVID-19: Information and Guidance

11 May 2022 - Advice on returning to work following COVID-19

Many people in our community will be experiencing the effects of COVID-19. Returning to work will happen at different times for everyone, the KEMH would like to provide further advice on how you can return safely.  

04 May 2022 - COVID-19 Update

Welcome to May’s monthly COVID-19 update. This edition of the monthly bulletin will mainly focus on the changes that will take place as a result of the lifting of COVID-19 measures.

3 May 2022 - New drive-through PCR COVID-19 testing service

In order to help manage COVID-19 testing over the coming months the KEMH is launching a new drive-through PCR testing service.

2 May 2022 - COVID-19 infection rates

The public will have noticed more cases of COVID-19 in the Falkland Islands over the weekend. The Falkland Islands Government would like to reassure the public that there are currently no cases requiring hospitalisation.

27 April 2022 - Vaccination Programme

The KEMH is pleased to announce that a fourth dose (second booster) of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination will now be offered to patients aged 60-74.

26 April 2022 - COVID-19 update: positive case identified in Stanley

Today, the KEMH has identified a positive case of COVID-19 in Stanley. This case has been identified outside of quarantine and the individual tested positive following a PCR test, having exhibited the symptoms of COVID-19. This is not a case of serious illness and no one has been admitted to the KEMH. As a reminder, Level One contacts are advised to test daily for a period of 10 days and are not required, by law, to self-isolate.

25 April 2022 - Changes to services at the KEMH

Following the recent announcement made by the Falkland Islands Government, asking the community to consider adopting enhanced protective measures against COVID-19, the KEMH would like to confirm the following changes to services at the hospital.

20 April 2022 - COVID-19 update: cases of community transmission confirmed at MPC

As announced on Friday 15 April 2022, the Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands implemented a number of precautionary measures at Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC), following a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases which were identified outside of quarantine. This action enabled both British Forces South Atlantic (BFSAI) and the Falkland Islands Government to understand the situation in depth.

16 April 2022 - COVID-19 update: small cluster of cases identified and being managed at MPC

As announced on Friday 15 April 2022, the Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands (CBFSAI) has implemented a brief lockdown at Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC), following the identification of four COVID-19 cases outside of quarantine.

07 April 2022 - Falkland Islands Government seeks to resume airlinks with Chile from July

Following the announcement last month, concerning the relaxation of COVID-19 measures in the Falkland Islands, the government is now seeking to resume the airlink with Chile from 2 July 2022, provided that all necessary permissions are granted and mainland airports are open.