Falkland Islands Government
COVID-19: Information and Guidance

04 June 2020

Guidance For Restaurants And Cafes

The Falkland Islands Government on 3 June 2020, announced it was appropriate to ease some restrictions put in place in late March in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. For restaurants and cafes, this easing of restrictions will take effect Friday 19 June. 

The Falkland Islands Government would like to reinforce the advice that although most activities are now resuming, it is extremely important to keep observing public health measures around COVID-19.

It is asked that restaurants and cafes share their plan for re-opening with the Public Health Unit for review by the Strategic Pandemic Management Group. The re-opening plan should be used in conjunction with the general Guidance for the Workplace released on 7 May 2020 and the specific guidance points for your sector.

Guidance for Restaurants and Cafes
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