Biodiversity Framework

The Falkland Islands are committed to protecting our unique biodiversity as underpinned in the Biodiversity Framework 2016-2030. The Biodiversity Framework is a threat-based document which outlines the priorities required with regards to the wider Falkland Islands environment.

Biodiversity Framework 2016-2030
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The document sets out our environmental vision for the Falklands: “We will conserve and enhance the natural diversity, ecological processes and heritage of the Falkland Islands, in harmony with sustainable economic development”.

The Biodiversity Framework makes room for Strategies and Action Plans to be implemented to meet our goals for biodiversity and the environment.

Current strategies within the framework are:

Biosecurity Invasives Strategy 2017-2020
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Ecoregions Habitats Species and Sites Strategy 2016-2020
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Cetacean Code of Conduct for the Falkland Islands
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