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Tobias Büring
+500 27260


Background & Qualifications

I am from Germany and did my BSc in Biology at the University of Kiel which is location at the coast of the Baltic Sea. My Bachelor thesis was about stable isotope measurements at the freshwater fish species Coregonus. Specifying my interest in aquatic and marine ecosystems, I studied “Biological Oceanograph” at the GEOMAR Kiel, associated to the University. I finished with my MSc thesis about the diet and trophic position of Antarctic octopods in 2019.

During my studies I did an internship in Thailand about “marine protection area management” including a research diver training in 2014. Afterwards I completed the “European research diver” training in Germany. Furthermore, I completed a “Divemaster”-training in Australia in 2016.


Research Interests

The decision to choose the ecology of cephalopods including stomach content analysis and stable isotope measurements as my field of interest brought me to the Falkland Islands. Here, at the Fisheries Department I am doing now my PhD project which will be about the role of the loligonid squid Doryteuthis gahi in the ecosystem of the Patagonian Shelf.