Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Falkland Islands Government has sought not only to react to the immediacy of the impact posed by Covid-19, but also to consider what is needed to ensure the recovery of the Falkland Islands and shape the future we aspire to.

To support this, a widescale piece of work was undertaken which included a public survey, workshops and individual meetings, in order to understand and quantify the effect of the government’s actions during the response to Covid-19.

To make sure we understood how people felt during our initial response to the pandemic, we asked the community to tell us about their experiences. 290 people responded to the survey, about 13% of our population, and 103 people shared their stories in person through workshops, telephone calls and conversations. This community engagement resulted in a large volume of information, which we used to make immediate changes where possible and to develop also to identify medium and longer term programmes of work.

Given the unique circumstances of the pandemic, it is vital that we learn from the past 14 months and prioritise what actions are required to recover and become an even stronger and more resilient nation. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to look at issues that have not only arisen as a result of Covid-19, but also at problems that the pandemic has shone a light on. We really appreciate all of the input that the community has supplied and are committed to using this information to take decisive measures.

The pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives and the role of government is not only to respond to the urgency of the crisis, but also to reflect on how we could do things better and take the opportunity to create positive and lasting change.

On this page you can find the latest information on our recovery work, or visit our primary website to read the latest Executive Council update on Covid-19 recovery:

Community Impact Assessment presentation
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Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on the community
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