The Constitutional Review –

Your chance to help shape the future of our Islands

The Constitution of the Falkland Islands is being reviewed.

This is an important exercise and the views of all in our community are required to help establish what is right for the Falklands – your opinions matter.

This process is expected to run until mid-2024 and will be informed by a series of Select Committee meetings and public engagement dealing with specific areas in turn.

Written and oral submissions are invited from the public – see links to guidance below.

You may find the following documents helpful:

For all further guidance on Chapter 1 - Fundamental Rights & Freedoms please see here, or click the individual links below.

Submissions on Topic 2 - Falkland Islands Status are invited to be made by 5 September 2023 for discussion at the meeting of 19 September 2023 (submissions received after 5 September may be considered by the Select Committee at that meeting, but that cannot be guaranteed). Notification of wish to give oral evidence by the 12 September 2023.

    • Guidance for written submissions
    • Oral submissions will be a 10 minute session for each submitter – 5 minutes for submission and 5 minutes for Q & As. Persons wishing to give oral submissions should contact ahead of the relevant topic on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.